Afrida Ahmed

As I transition to adulthood, I meet the urge to question what aspects of myself I identify with and can better understand. Some are clear like my religion and ethnicity, others are hidden layers I unpack as I grow older and recognize my family’s influence on me. My dad’s stubbornness and unconditional love paired with my mom’s attention to detail and understanding, along with the dynamics between my three sisters and I contribute to who I am - even if I don’t yet fully understand who that is. This project examines the complexities and nuances within my household. My efforts in learning to critique and appreciate my family amount to a body of work that assesses my role as an individual and part of a whole.


Afrida Ahmed is a junior at Brooklyn Technical High School and takes classes at the International Center of Photography, making images across the city and using film photography to better understand the world around them. Their work centers around family and their Bengali-Muslim-American identity, with themes of discomfort, curiosity, and embracing change.