Brianna Covington

My photographs highlight my flaws because I wanted to show that it's alright to not be  perfect. I have finally found the confidence to document this, despite my insecurities. In my photos I want to evoke self love and empower women to be unapologetic about their bodies. Due to society's pressure and expectations on how women should look, women tend to feel insecure for not being able to live up to the standard. I want to show that validation from others shouldn’t determine one's confidence. Within my project I also decided to document the beauty of hands. We may not notice as much, but hands can tell a story and convey many emotions within photography.


Brianna Covington was born in the U.S. with a Caribbean cultural background, specifically from Trinidad and Tobago. Over the past four years since she first found her love of photography, she has practiced black-and-white and color darkroom printing as well as digital imagemaking, all of which have given her a deep appreciation for the final product of a well captured photograph. She is interested in the symbolism in images and works to balance concept and technical skill to elevate her vision. From Brianna’s eyes, black-and-white photos amplify the mood and tone of a portrait and this is her preferred way of working. In the future, Brianna plans to be more widely recognized for her art. She is on track, as she is frequently asked by family and friends to create photo shoots.