Catherine Wimbley

This series serves as a collaborative effort between the subject and artist—in search of beauty that often escapes our notice. Patience and curiosity become guiding principles, allowing the photographer to immerse themself in the moment and uncover narratives that exist beyond their own perspective. Through the interplay of shadows and light, a natural spotlight emerges—drawing the viewer into a world where every detail holds significance. It is within this realm that the audience is invited to pause, reflect, and discover the hidden beauty that surrounds them.

Wimbley’s lens gravitates toward often overlooked communities. Through her lens, she aspires to immortalize them, attempting to propel their narratives beyond the confines of neighborhoods. Encapsulating their essence to tell their stories, her work leads the viewer to a more accurate representation of the human experience. It challenges possible preconceived notions, fosters a sense of shared humanity, and breaks down barriers that contribute to positive social change.

Catherine Wimbley, an award-winning photographer from Canarsie, Brooklyn, embarked on her artistic journey in 2022 during a photojournalism class addressing the impact of climate change in New York City. Inspired by her surroundings, she began documenting her neighborhood and its inhabitants. In 2023, Catherine's photograph Lost—depicting a weathered, missing-persons poster—earned her the prestigious Scholastic Art and Writing Awards’ Gold Key Award in Photography. Motivated by the prevalence of missing-person cases in her community, Catherine directs her focus towards marginalized groups, aiming to amplify their voices through her lens. Drawing inspiration from the works of Jamel Shabazz and Vasantha Yogananthan, she seeks to carve her own path in the photography world. Catherine is currently preparing to graduate from the International Center of Photography’s Teen Academy Imagemakers program. She will further her exploration of artistic expression at Pratt Institute in the fall of 2024.