Dalylah Ebanks

Loneliness can become hard to understand when you are surrounded by the ones who you love. Through my photos, I wanted to depict the inner emotions that can be experienced such as anxiety, depression, and isolation, and how this looks in real time. In most of my photos, you see me clearly but the people that I am surrounded by do not have visible faces, describing how I am not alone but I feel lonely. Through asking the raw intimate questions, I'm revealing the inner turmoil that can happen when loneliness and isolation begin to set in. The hands at the beginning and end of the project are trying to hold everything together,  making it so things stop falling apart although it’s inevitable. By not expressing any emotions in my face, I give off the intention that I never truly understand how I feel about the situations at hand, and am still trying to understand what new things mean to me.  


Dalylah Ebanks is a mixed media artist and photographer based in the Bronx. She expresses how it feels to grow up while battling mental health, family, and societal pressures, giving her the ability to communicate without words. Dalylah is inspired by the work of Daido Moriyama because of his uniqueness and the way he is able to show honesty in his subject. Past projects include Deja Vu, the idea of reality vs. dreams of a family, and many other smaller works of analog. Her work was featured in a 2018 article in The New York Times, Beauty in the Bronx.