Elinor Kry

I perform my hurt so that I only show you what I want you to see. What does it mean to hurt? This project represents the barrier of how vulnerable I want to be with my hurt, confusion, or insecurity.

I’d rather tell stories than make it specifically about me.

Perhaps an influence of my own theatre experience.

Maybe a little surreal where vulnerability isn’t clearly present.

I sometimes notice I’m wandering around in a hole of naked hurt for the sake of those who keep knocking on my bones.

Here is my dramatized version of my experience of hurt.


Elinor Kry is a published photographer and videographer. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts and currently lives in the Bay Area. Elinor first began photography when she was twelve years old, shifting from portrait photography to editorial and directorial photography. Her projects are inspired by her own emotional experiences, social issues that she is passionate about, and the world around her. Elinor works for her local newspaper and has photographed and assisted on projects that include clients from Apple, Warner Records, Atlantic Records, Island Records, LA Models, and IMG Models. Elinor currently interns with Ericka Del Rosario, a creative director in Los Angeles.