Helsen Sanabia

 In this project, I focused on exploring themes of pride, anatomy, lighting, and setting. I chose to leave my figures faceless to allow viewers to interpret my subjects’ emotions and expressions in their own way. Through different figures, I was able to represent self-expression and vulnerability within the human body for which the dynamic poses of each subject symbolized human pride. Rather than focus on the insecurity and shame that can often surround the display of bare skin in our society, in my work I aimed to showcase it as something to be proud of. Highlighting the contrast between isolation and feelings of power and pride, I sought to create a thought provoking and impactful visual experience.

Helsen Sanabia is a photographer from Corona, Queens. He is currently studying filmmaking at the High School of Art and Design and is a student in the International Center of Photography’s Teen Academy Imagemakers program. From a young age, Helsen’s parents introduced him to a diverse range of movies and music videos that sparked his interest in filmmaking. He draws inspiration from the works of directors like Neil Blomkamp, Stanley Kubrick, and Chris Cunningham, all of whom left a profound impact on him and his art. Helsen is skilled in both photography and video, and he specializes in making portraits, documentaries, and short narratives. His artwork has been featured in places including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Apollo Theater. Helsen's art is centered around the themes of pride, ego, and identity, which he expresses through the human form and its various expressions.