Ian O’Hara

My project is about being introverted and understanding your inner self and what environments an introvert can feel most comfortable in. Growing up introverted, I’ve always found myself being misunderstood by friends when I didn’t want to go somewhere or if I isolated myself from everyone else when hanging out. I’ve learned that it’s okay to be by myself, as it’s how I heal and understand who I am as a person. I wanted to show spaces where an introvert may feel more comfortable versus where they may feel lost and vulnerable. Introverted people value time in their own space whether or not they’re around people who they are comfortable with. I also want to show the contrast between an environment an introvert has constructed themself versus an environment where the introvert has found themself.


Ian O’Hara is an artist and photographer based in New York City. Ian has been creating art since he was a child whose creativity was fueled by his grandparents. Ian uses mixed media to express his feelings on important topics. Growing up in Queens, Ian takes to the streets to find inspiration for his art. This is ultimately what made him pick up a camera. He fell in love with photography as he could document and capture the world around him, realizing it was another tool he had to express himself. Ian is focused on going to college in Manhattan to study fine arts.