Jackson Seeley

When I am on the top of skyscrapers, I feel a sense of accomplishment and serenity. Most of the time, getting into these buildings is like solving a puzzle. Once I am able to get on the roof of a building that I have wanted to go on for a very long time, I feel accomplished. A lot of people think that when I am on roofs I get an adrenaline rush, but for me that isn’t really the case. When I first started climbing, I was definitely scared, but my body got used to it and now I am able to enjoy the experience without being scared for my life. It’s very peaceful to be on top of the city – you can see everything from a fresh perspective. The goal of this project is to share that feeling that I get through the images I capture when I am out climbing with my friends. There’s an entire community of people who sneak onto buildings and post their photographs from the top. I learned about all of this through Instagram which has been a main inspiration for this work. This work shares a different point of view of the city and what I see through my eyes.


Jackson Seeley was born in 2004 and grew up in Queens, New York. He became interested in photography at the age of thirteen when he began photographing his friends for their Instagram accounts. As time went on, he became more and more interested in the craft and became very interested in capturing new and unique perspectives of New York City. Jackson stays motivated in chasing his goals by surrounding himself with friends who inspire him because they also have big dreams and work hard to turn them into reality. He has attended the New York Film Academy and is currently a student in the Teen Academy Imagemakers program at the International Center of Photography. Jackson currently works as a freelance event photographer at Archbishop Molloy High School, where he has contributed to the yearbook, the official Instagram page, and the school newspaper. Outside of school, he is hired for photoshoots and video production, and most recently worked for Rockefeller Center to photograph staff for their website. His work has been purchased by the ZO lounge.