Jill Noorily

My fear of growing up and growing old has been a constant in my life. As I begin my journey into adulthood, I think about aging and how society relates to it. In spending time with my grandmothers, I witness their beauty along with their insecurities. Worries about weight and wrinkles filled most conversations, threats of plastic surgery often ended them. In thinking of why body confidence in old age was so rare, I noticed that, similar to the lack of body confidence with adolescence, the correct representation isn’t present. In the media, beauty is connected with youth but the wrinkles and scars that come with age are beautiful. They tell stories and tell time, creating beautiful shadows and shapes. With this in mind, I document what elderly women do to make themselves feel beautiful.


Most of Jill’s recent work focuses around themes of growth. She focuses on how society interacts with aging alongside tackling personal anxieties that come along with growing up and leaving childhood behind. Jill takes a lot of inspiration from her family, especially her grandparents. Jill is excited to continue to use photography to grapple with growth as she gets older.