Kasia Ojar

Emptiness with a hint of belonging is something humans find confusing. It’s the emotion we tend to overlook. We are able to find beauty but often find ourselves wanting more. Memories are bred through joyous times with people or without. This body of work was inspired by my mother who always told me Bruce Lee’s quote “Simplicity is the key to brilliance.” With these photographs, I capture the simple yet meaningful things without having chaos overpower them - two remote locations with the absence of people. My Trinidadian relatives left the house to start a family; my mother left to start her career. We often overlook the beauty in loneliness, yet there is tender emotion to it all. 


Kasia Ojar is a New Yorker and student at Nest+m. She uses her photography as memorabilia to recollect the mundane, painful, and joyous moments we forget when we grow up. Kasia started photography classes at the International Center of Photography, falling in love with telling stories.