Kaylin Jusino

Growing up I was passionate about dance and art, and dreamed of dancing professionally. That was stripped away from me, not because I lost interest, but because of health problems. I was a perfectionist and even when I couldn't physically move, I wanted to jump up and continue dancing. I've always struggled with my mental health and dancing was a hobby that took away a lot of my anxiety.

Losing this outlet can be especially heart-wrenching when you thought that it was what you will always have. I lost a piece within myself that quickly filled with spite and sorrow. Over time, my loss was replaced with something of equal value. Dance would be appreciated as a time in the past. With time, things change and it must be accepted. Photography was that hope to accept what was lost and then gained. I had redirected all these feelings to fuel my creative art. The art of waiting for the right moment to freeze the memory of time itself.
My personal vision project is a visual novel of the times I grieved, held hope, accepted change, and moved forward. Projected for the healing of myself and those identifying with the message. Projected memories and feelings by a dancer who went from being encapsulated in the dark to being embraced by a blanket of expectation and transformation. Like sand turned to glass by the waves, she dances my final dance and I embark on my photography journey.


New York-based photographer Kaylin Jusino (she/they) found an interest in photography when discovering their uncle’s photographic archive at the back of the closet in her grandmother's house. Her work was always in the medium of colored pencils and paper until this event instilled a deep admiration for the art of photography. They transferred to a photography major for the last two years of high school. As they are currently studying studio portraiture, her work is connected to girlhood and/or healing. Most of their work is inspired by or in collaboration with other art forms including dance, photography, and multimedia.