Leslie D’Incecco

Workspaces is an exploration of office spaces as a vessel to explore my hopes and anxieties surrounding my future. As I’m approaching the end of high school and going through the college application process, the reality of imminent adulthood and career have been constantly on my mind. When presented with the challenge of the personal vision project, I decided to try to process through the work. I stepped into a wide variety of workspaces, from neighbors’ personal studies to public libraries to Zoom rooms. Crowded spaces, private spaces, cold spaces, warm spaces, physical spaces, digital spaces.

At first, I planned to focus solely on documentary, but found the results were too far removed from the emotion that spawned my desire to focus on this topic. It was at this point I began experimenting with disorganized and exceedingly digital collages made up of the original documentary work and archival photos. These collages seek to capture the more unseen anxious energy that permeates the spaces I visited, as well as explore the way the digital landscape can simultaneously connect and isolate, illuminate and distort. In this project, the real and surreal elements create a narrative exploring an imagined future.


Leslie D’Incecco is a photographer and filmmaker from Manhattan. Drawing from his day to day anxieties, his work is a tool to process emotions and tell stories to connect with others. He finds personality in unseen places and tries to bring out the character of daily life. Until enrolling in classes with the International Center of Photography Teen Academy, Leslie’s work was largely self-taught and self-motivated, having spent his childhood making increasingly bizarre home movies with friends. Leslie now hopes to refine his voice and share his perspective with the world through photo and film.