Luca Bax

This project is composed of urban and rural landscapes shot with 35mm film. For these pictures, I looked for landscapes with strong light and dark contrasts, and a sense of vastness which made the landscape feel lonely and isolated. I find the medium of photography simple yet beautiful; it enables me to look deeper into my surroundings. This process also gives me a greater appreciation of my everyday surroundings. For me, walking, exploring different environments, and creating visual art is therapeutic. This activity allows me to quiet any internal dialogue, and become a part of the external environment. The tranquil state my photographic process provides me influences the images I capture by making them scenic and calming. Softness of edges is one component in many of the images. In others, it is the strong contrasts between dark and light. Analog film processes allow me to accentuate and exaggerate the visual qualities in ways that are satisfying to me. The graininess of the film gives the pictures a nostalgic presence that I want to explore further.


Luca Bax, class of 2024, is a photographer from the Hudson Valley. He began photographing as a freshman because of a digital photography class he took in school. The rural landscapes which surround him were the first subject that Luca enjoyed to photograph. He’s drawn to various forms of light, color, and negative space, and his works range from bright to dark. His pictures show the varying forms of beauty which surround us. He looks forward to taking a gap year to travel and expand his body of work, and attending college to expand his photographic skills and creativity.