Lyndaura Freitas

There is a very psychological element to water in the way it harbors a variety of meanings and stimulates a cacophony of wavelike emotions. Although it is an essential part of human life, oftentimes, its mesmerizing and glaring aspects are overlooked. Water may be reminiscent of tears, which can be associated with the duality of laughter or pain. One might visualize a body of water as a vessel floating away and embarking on a sense of tranquility. To some, it may conjure images of rain, which could inspire joy from imagining a bountiful harvest ahead, while for others it embodies desperation and agony—such as in the state of drowning. This project dives into how water interacts with the world, through living beings and stationary objects, substances, and the emotions they may invoke. Whether a chemical reaction, a physical change, or the experimental aspect of water, this project is dedicated to my journey into and process for creating things and collaging with water. For example, I used wax paper and water to transfer photos onto different surfaces, creating a variety of textures. Another experiment included adding oil to water to observe their physical reactions—swimming around with a camera in a Ziplock bag. Aquatic aesthetics aside, this project is meant to cause an emotional submergence and reconnection to the fluctuating 75% of water that we are made up of.

Lyndaura Freitas is a Brazilian-Chinese artist of ever-expanding mediums. Currently a student at Dwight Morrow High School in the depths of Englewood, New Jersey, she is driven by a spine-shattering passion to create and experiment with all that she can. For years, her artistic journey surrounded traditional visual art mediums; this eventually grew into a hunger to venture beyond what she was able to encompass before. As a student in the International Center of Photography’s Teen Academy Imagemakers program, she found a zeal for photography and camera work, nurturing her adoration for mixed media. As Lyndaura continues her escapade into the arts, she aspires to remain limitless and nourish the world around her with experimental qualities—intertwining the arts into all aspects of life.