Noam Oster

For this project, I created images that spoke to the feelings I struggled to put into words. The project focuses on space, photographing those who fill my spaces and the environments in which they inhabit; capturing both moments between friends and family and self portraiture in places familiar to me. I became interested in the moments that we tend to take for granted; those moments that seem so small, but stick with you forever. Inevitably, we become part of a space-- like the dead pigeon who starts to look like the sidewalk it was mushed against. When photography is done in an evocative way, something very special happens; both the photographer, subject, environment, and viewer hold each other in a mutually invigorating and elevating embrace. With the right photo, memories begin to flow like running water, as each viewer brings their own experiences to the work. In my work, I did my best to capture that feeling of eeriness that emerges from the monotony of daily life.


Noam Oster is a multimedia artist born in Hell’s Kitchen, New York in 2003. Introduced early to films like The Big Lebowski and Amelie, he began creating short films at the age of eight. After discovering the emotive photography of Nan Goldin and Sylvia Plachy, he began to experiment with the photo medium, using his background in film to inform his composition. He is currently in the International Center of Photography’s Teen Academy Imagemakers program and is a senior at The Clinton School.