Paulina Jamieson

Ballet culture represents the very beautiful yet complicated and often neglected art form. For my whole life, it was all of my being. I grew up with the complete identity as a young, pristine, female ballerina. Ballet surrounds millions of young women’s lives with gracefulness alongside mistreatment. Body image, nepotism, sexual abuse, and physical damage are only amoung a few major issues within the ballet industry.  In a culture as morally corrupt as it is, the objective of the art form itself is ironically to capture innocence and virtue. Ballet is not often contemporarily photographed. Usually, ballet is photographed in a performative, commercial-esque style. Through this series of photographs, my intention is to document ballet culture through a documentary lens.


Paulina Jamieson was born and raised in Brooklyn. She grew up creating visual art and training as a ballet dancer. Jamieson attends LaGuardia High School, majoring in fine arts. She has worked on projects for Atmos Magazine and Soft Copy Magazine. Jamieson explores themes of love, relationships, and gender in her photographic work.