Ruby Zuckerman

Five days a week, 400 students and I are crammed into the top floors of a Manhattan building that is our school. It is often easy to let the people surrounding me go unnoticed and blend together. With my camera, I pay attention to the individuality of the teenagers I see everyday. We’re constantly changing, growing, and becoming comfortable with ourselves. We’re malleable and heavily influenced by trends and peers, yet each of us is uniquely ourselves. This series of portraits consists of the same aesthetic treatment, the only variable being the people themselves. Their personal style, hair, facial features, and expression stand out, highlighting them in the peak of their adolescence. I know my subjects to varying degrees - fellow students equivalent to strangers, acquaintances I say hello to in passing, and close friends. My photographs allow a glimpse into the lives of teenagers at the single moment in which the photo was taken. 


Ruby Zuckerman was born and raised in Brooklyn and attends NYC iSchool. Primarily a photographer, she has also explored art forms including painting, drawing, and filmmaking. She explores themes of identity, style, and self-expression in her work. Zuckerman has attended a summer intensive in filmmaking at the School of Visual Art and studies photography at the International Center of Photography.