Russell Hickman

Offseason is a series that documents the beauty of Cape Cod and Seaside Heights during a quieter time of year when the boardwalks and beachside towns are devoid of the throngs of tourists that inhabit them during the warmer months. Most often visited in the summer, non-locals are obsessed with the postcard look that is often portrayed in media representations of these communities. I believe there is a beauty in the absence of commercialism which is not portrayed to the normal vacationer. Using my 6x6 camera, I photographed the streets of each town, waiting for fall to reveal itself as the last of the tourists retreated. 


Russell Hickman is a seventeen year old photographer based in Jersey City, NJ. From a young age, Hickman’s parents exposed him to different types of art. He started playing drums and skateboarding as a child, which he continues alongside his photography.